Top Reasons Why SutiExpense is the Right Fit for your Business

Of all the business issues that require your attention, expense management tops the list of concerns in today’s scenario. A spreadsheet works well to manage employee data, client lists, information, and budgets. However, using a spreadsheet to manage expenses is not a pretty good idea because it may result in data redundancies and disparencies. Hence, expense management software is a must for organizations to address many of the biggest problems.

Again, choosing the right software is another biggest challenge for businesses with many automation software applications out there in the market. SutiExpense takes the unnecessary fuss out of the expense management process and makes life easier for everyone. Our software not just helps you gain visibility over your money, but has some prominent features that help you reduce costs, and identify fraud & risk at all times.

Take a look at our integrations to get to know how SutiExpense goes the extra mile to serve you:

Google Maps Integration

Know the exact routing details when your employee is onboard. Now, with Google Maps integration, your employee is no longer required to file travel receipts manually, and everything including the number of kilometers traveled can be calculated easily. Travel receipts can be auto-generated, thus taking out the fear of misplacing receipts or filing fake receipts.

Corporate Card Integration

Miscellaneous expenses can be tracked easily by just configuring your business card number. By doing so, all the transactions spent on the card can be automatically recorded, thus making the process easy by eliminating the need of physically attaching all the receipts for reimbursement process.

Travel Integration       

No need to visit third-party sites for booking flight tickets. The integration of SutiTravel with SutiExpense makes it easy for you to book travel tickets without going to the third-party travel sites.

Finance Integration

Our software ensures compatibility by automatically importing various file formats without any conversions. This process can reduce the hassle of file format conversions and prevents data loss and wrong calculations. Also, SutiExpense has integrated with third party accounting software like Quickbooks and NETSUITE to make the file processing easy for the accountant. Accountants are not required to import or export any files, and transactional data directly transmits to finance accounting database.

ACH Payment Integration

Like payment gateway, whenever an accountant selects records for reimbursement, all payments can be credited directly to the employees’ accounts through ACH payment integration. This makes it easy for finance departments to check the status of each record. The only thing that the employer needs to do is to configure the account number and routing details of the respective employee. Whether you are looking for cost savings, time-saving, or compliance, SutiExpense can help.