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SutiExpense helps you Track Employee Travel Expenses Better

Many organizations face challenges in figuring out the actual billings from the fake ones in travel and expense management. Mileage expenses have long been a big area of concern for companies because employees can enter any amount without any substantiation.

In the conventional system, you may lose receipts and might misplace them. This process can result in unnecessary costs either to the employee or management. Due to this, companies are seeking new ways to find out whether employees are filing correct billings or fake receipts. An efficient tracking system is required to streamline the travel reimbursement process. Here, comes the role of SutiExpense.

Now, with the addition of Google Maps integration, it is simple for any company to track the expenses incurred-no matter where they go. With SutiExpense in place, you will be able to know where your employee is commuting, whether your employee is attending business meetings/conferences and how many miles they have traveled during the business trip. More on, our application can help your employees choose the shortest route, which can make your process more convenient.

Our mileage integration can help you calculate exact mileages and lets you know how many kilometers the employee has traveled. More on, our software auto generates travel receipts instead of someone having to input the trip details. By deploying our software, you can minimize errors in the reimbursement process and cut the extra costs associated with processing mileage reimbursement requests.

Leverage the power of SutiExpense software because every bit of savings impacts your bottom line.