Managing Expenses the Right Way

Most companies process hundreds, if not thousands, of expense reports every month. Many companies focus on growing revenue while controlling company spending. The ideal way to achieve this is to eliminate the inefficiency and put an end to manual, paper-based processes. Expense automation is the best thing you can do to control and reduce operating costs.

By automating your expense management, you can overcome the following challenges:

  • No proper visibility over employee spending
  • Getting better pricing with vendors
  • Employee Over spending
  • Delay in getting approvals
  • Lack of proper analysis of financial reports & adhering to company’s policies

More and more companies are turning towards automated expense management solutions to eliminate the key challenges and make the expense process paperless. With software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology, you can quickly the automate expense system and gain visibility & control over employee spending.

Imagine that you are able to access everything you need about your business trips while on the go. Sounds good, right? SutiExpense takes you to that comfortable zone by simplifying your expense management. With integrated with prominent features such as corporate card integration, expense type customization, auto-capture of receipts, and travel portal integration, our software turns to be the right fit for organizations of all sizes. Moreover, the pre-trip authorization feature ensures that you are not running out of budget by allowing you to plan and estimate the costs of every trip. Above all, companies can minimize the time, cost and risk associated with expense management by making a switch to the SaaS delivery model.

Deploying SaaS model can help you eliminate the need of buying servers, and cut down the installation and maintenance costs. Also, since there is no upfront license cost you can use the software whenever you need. With various integrations and complete customization, enterprises can make the most of the SutiExpense to minimize the risks associated with expense management.