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Travel and Expense Integration – How Does It Benefit You?

Getting the best deals, booking the flights and stay – all of these come to your mind when you think of business travel. You have to look in a number of booking portals to get the best deals, save your itinerary details and then send them to your approver for review. This is a time-consuming process and would require you to manually update your trip details into the expense application. That’s where travel and expense integration comes into picture. The integration eliminates the need of re-entering the travel details into the application by automatically synchronizing the travel data into an expense report.

The workflow process of T & E integration is as follows:

You have to create the expense report of request type

While adding the travel as line item, you will be redirected to the booking portal where you have to enter your trip details.

The booking portal displays the results matching your search criteria, following which you can confirm your booking.

Once the booking is made, all your trip details will be automatically synchronized with your expense report, thus eliminating the need of re-entering your trip details again in your expense report.

Likewise, you can easily manage the spend as your bills gets automatically itemized and added to your expense report. Card transactions get automatically categorized as line items on expense report. You can just snap a picture instead of doing data entry. The other advantage of this integration is that your company’s travel policy will be integrated into the application so that the bookings your employees make will comply with your T & E policy. Finally, it is the expense report that writes by itself and helps manage your spend the most effective way. In this way, your time will be saved and there will be no errors in your travel details provided in the expense report.