Two Ways How Having a Good Company Culture Can Help

Every company has its own set of rules, guidelines, and policies that help govern everything at the workplace. These are embedded in the organization’s working and are written down for every employee to follow religiously.

However, there is one other element, one that is not written down or about, but one that has an impact equally or more on the entire workplace, and that is the company culture.

Some organizations may not care about company culture, but their negligence itself tells about what kind of culture to expect at the workplace. A good culture is one where everything is fair and transparent, with employees being encouraged to do well and communicate better.

They will also be taking ownership and be completely accountable for their actions. Here is how having a good company culture can help:

Contribution From Unexpected Quarters

One of the advantages of having a good company culture where everyone collaborates and ideas are appreciated from everyone is that significant contribution often comes from the most unexpected places.

Eric Schmidt makes a mention of this in his book where some Google employees who had nothing to do with the problem at hand sat and solved it because they wanted to contribute.

There are some problems that are not always apparent to everyone and someone else might have the answers. If employee contributions are not encouraged and appreciated they will never open up and it will be a loss for the organization.

Attrition and Transition

Attrition and transition are two problems that can plague even the best of companies. However, having a good company culture will shield them from the bad consequences of these issues.

In the first place, attrition will be less because who wants to leave such an awesome workplace, right? And secondly, good culture will allow new employees to pick up immediately and start contributing. It also ensures that transitions, if any, will go on smoothly.

So there you have it, two ways having a good company culture will help. So, are you gonna start working on improving yours?

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