Updates to SutiHR v6.0.7

Here is the list of updates to the latest version of SutiHR, v6.0.7. Provided an…

Here is the list of updates to the latest version of SutiHR, v6.0.7.

  1. Provided an option to select the pay type as ‘Hourly or Salary’ while creating a new requisition
  2. The requisition approval request will open directly from the requisition approval notification email
  3. EEOC fields are also included in the job application forms. These fields are automatically mapped to the particular fields in the application
  4. HR administrators can now view the iterations made in approving the offer letter
  5. HR administrators can send interview feedback to the ‘Offer Letter Approver’ as an attachment
  6. Provided an option to export open requisitions in PDF format in Recruitment Dashboard
  7. Changed the time format
  8. Added ‘Job Portal Metrics for Today’ section in Recruitment Dashboard which displays candidates’ activities on the job portal
  9. Displaying New Hire Details Form, Candidate Rejection Letter, and Job Offer Approval Letter email by default in Email Templates page under the Recruitment menu
  10. Provided an option to sort the Requisition Details Report based on the requisition status

Navigation: Reports > Recruitment > Requisition Details Report

  1. Displaying timestamp when a resume has been uploaded in the Resumes and Archived pages
  2. Displaying Name instead of First Name and Last Name in Resumes and Archived pages
  3. The Job Description and Skill Set fields in New Requisition page have been made CK editor fields
  4. Added Employee Audit Details Report in the Custom Report tool
  5. Added Certificate Expiration Notifications report in Custom Report tool


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