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What Features Make SutiExpense Stand Out?

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SutiExpense is an ideal solution for enterprises because it makes expense management a painless process for all businesses of all sizes. The following are a few key features that make SutiExpense stand out:

Setting Expense Limits

Most employees raise requests for reimbursements that do not comply with the company’s spend policy. This is a major concern for companies. To overcome this, SutiExpense is providing an option to set expense limits to businesses. Through this option, businesses can set limits to various expenses. By doing so, an employee will not be able to add that extra amount to the expense line item. In this way, spend policy can be strictly enforced in a company.

Custom Reports

SutiExpense provides an option to customize reports as per the business requirement. You can decide what to be displayed in the expense report like expense name, date, amount, the status of expense, paid status, amount owed by the employee, and much more. Also, you can select to whom the expense reports should be sent to by type, status, client code, project code, and dates. Similarly, everything related to the report can be customized as per your requirement.

Delegate approver

With SutiExpense, you can configure multiple persons to approve an expense line item. All the expense reports requiring approval can be routed to alternate approvers. In this way, employees need not wait for approvals during vacation and absenteeism.

These features and others distinguish SutiExpense from other expense report solutions.