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Wireless Expense Management: Importance of Wireless Expense Audit

With the increase in enterprise mobility, every business is depending upon wireless devices and services for key business operations. Having access to corporate data through wireless devices, employees are becoming productive even after office hours. Wireless expenses take up a major portion of the IT budget of an organization and if not planned properly companies will miss significant cost savings. Wireless expense audit as a part of wireless expense management helps organizations avoid unnecessary costs for the services they do not utilize.

The wireless audit provides several cost saving suggestions on some important areas of your wireless spend. It ensures that the invoice charges align with contractual terms, and decides whether or not the services that are in the invoices are within your wireless inventory. Double billing on equipment can often take place when they are ported from one vendor to another. If not verified properly you will be charged twice on the same device. The audit verifies that the one-time charges like device purchases, activation fees, and late fees are applied properly and also checks mobile invoices on a device level for each month.

Rate plan optimization helps you review each employee’s usage on a monthly basis and ensures that all employees are on the best plan. Sometimes there is a chance for billing error or the organization doesn’t get the rates it’s supposed to. Though there is complexity in usage-based rates, controlling them properly helps reduce spends. The audit enables you to eliminate poorly managed services, and builds a strong methodology for planning, managing, and monitoring pooled minute plans.

Wireless expense management that optimizes business wireless service plans, features, and usage can provide better control over enterprise wireless spends. But a detailed expense audit provides high visibility into wireless spends, regulates expenses and finds cost saving opportunities. Visit this page to learn more about a tool that can help you in this regard.