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Avoid Excess Wireless Costs with Wireless Expense Management Software

Wireless costs are going out of control due to the increase in devices, plans, features, and the complexity of invoices. By identifying the chief factors and managing them with the right solution, you can control wireless spends. Wireless expense management software helps you spend less on mobile services that support your business. Here are a few factors where you need to focus more in order to avoid excess wireless costs.

Identify the devices that are not being used

Employees possess devices which are used occasionally and some devices remain active even after the employees leave the organization. Assets that are active and not being in use constitute one of the common causes for excess spends. The call accounting feature of the software analyzes invoices and easily identifies the devices which are not in use. It immediately brings the device out of the plan.

Implement proper plan for devices with messaging and data charges

The costs associated with messaging and data usage without a plan can be more expensive as the cost of usage without a proper plan has no upper limits. The system identifies such scenarios and restricts employees’ usage to plan limits or requests service provides to modify the plan that holds upright message or data needs.

Define international plans

Charges for messaging, data and roaming in other countries outside the plan coverage can be high without an international plan. A separate plan for employees who engage in frequent international travel can be more cost-effective. The software helps you determine the best plans for such employees.

High visibility into the problems and knowledge on wireless usage plays an important role in wireless expense management strategy. A robust telecom expense management solution overcomes the above issues and save a lot on your mobile bills. It optimizes programs for wireless, voice and data communications, identifies billing errors, and eliminates waste.

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