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Effective Mobile Device Management Eliminates the Typical Risks of BYOD Strategy

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Mobile device management software monitors the entire lifecycle of business wireless communications from device sourcing and service to the paying of invoices. It goes beyond just managing mobile devices and looks into the business lifecycle of procuring devices and negotiating service contracts to establishing corporate policies for managing wireless devices.  A robust software solution reduces the difficulties of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and delivers the right data to the right people.

The software provisions employees into BYOD strategy by initially requiring them to accept the business policies. Though the devices are procured by employees the business IT team will have a plan and tools in place to know how they access corporate data and stays within the business wireless policies. The application systematically monitors and manages policy agreements of the devices.

The system maintains an accurate inventory of employee-owned devices that are part of the corporate BYOD program. With this inventory it would be easy to manage cost and security of the devices. The software provides better insight into wireless spends, improves cost control, and provides sufficient data for better decision-making.

The application helps you communicate and coordinate with service providers. You can build contracts and negotiate pricing to enable volume discounts. The software ensures that the employees have the devices of their own choice at a corporate rate and avoids the hassles with stipends or expense reports. It offers employees a convenient means of safe and environmentally-friendly device recycling.

It creates automated processes for expense management while keeping controls in place for inventory management, invoice audits, and policy enforcement. The typical rate plan optimization feature of this solution provides recommendations and strategies for remarkable cost savings. Mobile device management software enables you to achieve best practices and provides the base for the continuously evolving prospects of enterprise mobility.