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Manage, Process, and Control Employee-initiated Expenses with Expense Management Software

Expense Management Software
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In every business, employee-initiated spends form a large percentage of overall corporate expenses. If not tracked, analyzed, and controlled properly, these expenses become a huge burden for the organizations. An automated solution that provides complete control over employee-initiated spending and automates business expense-related activities can yield significant cost savings. Expense management software manages the entire process from travel booking to reimbursement and offers opportunities for cost savings.

T&E expenses are difficult to control and document as they involve various charges incurred by different employees. The system offers the most innovative ways to segregate these expenses and makes it simple for employees to file exact and timely spend reports. The application enforces your business travel policy before spend occurs. It checks compliance with business policy, regulates travel plan approval and saves you from unnecessary spending.

The software solution offers an easy way to compare planned and actual expenses by allowing you to link a travel plan to an expense report. The system avoids duplicate entries, automates report validation, and ensures that all requests are reliable, absolute, and charged to the correct cost center. The digital receipt-filling capability of this software minimizes the time and effort required to process reports, streamlines the audit process, and offers timely reimbursement to the employees.

The application reduces the time your employees spend on business travel plans, expense reports, and purchase of goods and services. The online software enables your employees to create and manage expense reports even while they are out of office. Higher officials can view and approve expense reports from any web-enabled mobile device.

The web-based expense management software can be easily deployed and avoids IT hassles. The software can be customized to the way that suits your business and linked with your existing applications.