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3 Common HR Challenges and How to Fix Them

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Employees are an organization’s best asset. Businesses that invest in the workforce will develop faster and outpace their competition. They should understand common HR challenges and be prepared to tackle them as their businesses and workforce grows.

Here we present three common HR challenges and how technology helps solve them.


The major challenge for HR departments in any organization is the recruitment of talent. Finding candidates with the right blend of skills, personality, and motivation is difficult, even when they have a large candidate pool. Organizations should have an automated system that can manage the entire recruitment process centrally and effectively.

An HR management platform enables HR recruiters to store applications and contact details for easy analysis and comparison. Depending on business data retention policies, resumes can be stored for months or years in anticipation of new positions becoming available during that period. Having the details of suitable candidates available for easy consideration cuts future hiring costs and shortens the time taken to close the requisitions. Accelerating the talent recruitment process with the help of an automated system prevents drops in productivity and morale.

Training and Development

Conducting training and development programs for low performers is a common HR problem. Employers often have trouble finding the right resources to do so. Training and development doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. Online training courses through a central HR system help employees to schedule and attend at their own pace. By investing in employees’ training, organizations can develop a loyal, productive team.


The responsibility of payroll management is on both the HR and Accounts Payable departments; HR teams maintain records of compensation, benefits, and other attachments of earnings, whilst Accounts Payable is tasked with actually making the payments. This creates a potential disconnect that can lead to delays in payroll generation or employees receiving the wrong amount in a paycheck.

To maintain morale and prevent future pay problems, organizations should implement an automated system that offers integrated payroll and accounts management. By combining both departments electronically, most of the problems associated with compensation management can be resolved automatically. An online HR management system with robust payroll management feature helps ensure employees get paid what they are entitled to when they expect it.

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