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3 Key Security Features Businesses Need in Document Management Software

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The business infrastructure consists of crucial data that should be secured against theft and unauthorized access. Plus, natural disasters make it imperative for businesses to ensure proper security and data backup. But, the process of storing and securing the data with manual, paper-based processes is tedious. As the business grows, the data will further increase and make it even more challenging to manage. However, the advanced document management software solutions enable companies to store data securely on a cloud platform and ensure data backup for unforeseen situations.

Despite the necessity of data protection, many organizations still rely on the traditional process and do not implement proper security measures. Especially startups and SMEs give the least priority to data security measures.

In this article, we have discussed a few security features that businesses need in their document management software solution to protect their crucial and confidential data.

Digital Archiving

Digital archiving is one of the most significant benefits the document management system offers. If you are uncertain when a file or document should be deleted, the digital archiving feature helps you store the crucial documents without consuming physical space. As the files are stored in digital format, you don’t have to bother about losing the information anymore.

Automated Backup

Even though you are securing the company’s data from unauthorized access and theft, some unforeseen situations such as earthquakes may damage the files stored in office desks. Not only are the files stored in office space, but you may also lose the data stored in your in-house IT infrastructure.

However, a cloud-based DMS solution that comes with an automated backup ensures the retention of your company’s data regularly. Most advanced DMS solutions include high-level data destruction resistant features, especially for the businesses operating in hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster-prone areas.

With the automated backup cycles feature, the software automatically backs up the data. Plus, the online cloud-based storage enables authorized employees to access the information from anywhere, anywhere. So, in a catastrophic event, the businesses can restore and backup their crucial data with minimal effort.

Also, remember that the automated backup should entail a restore functionality in the DMS software solution. During the total system failure, a restore function automatically re-creates data even when the data has been destroyed at its origin.

Role-Based User Permissions

The business database includes confidential data that should be accessible to only a specific group of employees. So, make sure that the DMS software you are going to purchase has role-based user permissions features to restrict users from accessing the data. In simple terms, the role-based permissions feature of the software differentiates normal users from those with permission to view and access documents within the document management system.

With the software, the administrators can easily, quickly, and efficiently specify these permissions based on the hierarchy of the organization. For instance, the administrators can enable the support teams to assign auditor license information to the external auditors, which is entirely different from the user licenses within the document management system.

The administrators will have the flexibility to group users based on their roles and responsibilities and provide them access to view, edit or share the files. With the role-based user permissions feature, you can also manage the file retention schedules.

Usually, the ‘view only’ access will be used by the businesses subjected to audits to ensure that the auditors won’t mistakenly alter the data. A few robust document management solutions come with audit trail functionality that allows you to check the changes that have been made to the files over time, including who accessed the document, when and what changes he/she had made to the data.

The Bottom Line

Securing confidential business data is imperative for businesses of any size or industry. If you are still managing your business data in the file cabinets, it may be the right time to purchase a DMS solution that allows you to store the data securely. Research the pitfalls of your existing document management processes and analyze the features you need to improve the processes. Accordingly, compare various options and purchase the best software that perfectly suits your business requirements and helps you securely manage your data.

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