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3 Steps to Take the Hassle Out of Business Travel

Whether you wish to expand your business in a new location, visit a client or reinforce the partnership, business travel is a must. Business trips have become very common in organizations of all sizes. Recent studies revealed that employees take around 488 million business trips each year. With so much corporate travel taking place, travelers should be provided the right tools and strategies to take the stress out of business travel.

Let’s take a look at what business travelers need:

Precise Travel Policy

Not fully understanding the business travel policy would result in submitting out-of-policy expenses. Travel and expense policies must clearly outline what the company expects from employees and what employees can expect from the company, especially when it comes to reimbursement claims. Most employees feel their organization’s travel policy has a major impact on making booking decisions.

As the policy is imperative in the decision-making process, it should be well-defined and easily understandable. This way employees will have a clear idea about corporate travel guidelines, and reimbursement policies.

Clear Communication

Employees must be in the loop with their managers and co-workers when going on business trips. Having continual communication while on a business trip ensures managers are in the loop and employees can check with them for any clarifications. Continuous feedback and engagement are extremely important for employees working remotely.

Easy-to-use Expense Report System

Tracking and reporting is one of the most difficult tasks of expense reporting. Although clear expense policy outlines guidelines, enforcing expense policies into the automated system can streamline the entire workflow.

You should choose expense report software that can:

Integrate with accounting & ERP systems to make it easier to sync with other internal applications and use data across various platforms.

Supports multiple currencies: Supporting multiple currencies makes currency conversion easy and simplifies the job of the finance department.

Mobile app: Featuring mobile capabilities allow employees to easily track and report expenses on the go. The mobile app allows for things to get done easier and creates win-win for everyone involved.

Expense management solution with these features can streamline the approval and reimbursement workflow while making it easy for the finance department to get the visibility they need into corporate spending.

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