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The Benefits of Integrating CRM Solution with Expense Solution

Business travel is equally as important as customer relationship. To expand your business, drive sales, and boost revenues, sales representatives have to travel. With employees traveling frequently in a month, it can be difficult for businesses to capture data to demonstrate the return-on-investment of their business travel. Not capturing business travel data becomes a serious concern for most businesses. This is where integrating expense management systems with CRM solutions come in handy.

Here’s why integrating CRM with expense solution is important:

Visibility into Pre-trip Details

Pre-trip approval allows employees to submit estimated costs for the future business trips prior to traveling. Knowing your employee travel information beforehand can help you cut costs and make informed decisions. You will be able to know the total spending against the budget set. Also, pre-trip authorization makes it easy to track the difference between what the cost estimates are and what the actual spending is.

Business Growth

Integrating expense solution with CRM solution helps simplify and track business travel expenses against sales. This makes sales executives accountable for their business travel by having them track how this trip is going to drive sales and revenue. This way an organization can track its ROI against each business travel and increase profitability and growth.

Simplified Expense Reporting

Sales teams use CRM applications to manage their customer relationships, but, how about allowing them to report their trip details in expense system using the mobile application? Integrating CRM with expense solution allows your sales representatives to input their trip details on the go. Enabling sales people to access both CRM and expense applications from a single platform allows for quick reporting while ensuring greater visibility and flexibility.

The goal of an organization is to enhance the visibility into overall travel and expense spending and make the most of business travel.

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