SaaS vs. Installed Accounting Software – Which is Best?

SMEs can do better with the SaaS model. Cloud-based systems will make it easy to input data from multiple devices. Storing sensitive information on your local machine is not the best practice. Cloud-based accounting system has high-security protocols in place, making it difficult for hackers to access.

SaaS vs. Installed Software

So, why should you switch to SaaS software? The following are a few things you should consider to make an informed decision:

Quick Deployment

How quickly you need to get your software up and running is what you should consider first. SaaS software can get you going faster compared to traditional software integration. You will not need to install on your machine, the software will run in the cloud and you will be able to access anywhere.


While there is no one size fits all accounting solution, you should choose a solution that can be customized to your needs. Check third-party applications and other integrations to see how the solution can help manage your daily activities. The accounting solution you choose should be customized easily within less time.


Some SaaS-based accounting software solutions can be integrated easily with other internal systems. Make sure you check whether the solution supports feature integrations and allows you to easily integrate with third party applications.


Protecting data is the key to any enterprise. Have your SaaS provider do it for you as they have several security protocols in place. Your data can be maintained securely with our encryption methodology.


You should think why you need the solution. What features you may require in the future? Thinking about what your business needs in the long run can help you forecast future accounting needs and predicts what you will need in the future.


SaaS-based solutions offer remote accessibility, which means you can even access the solution out of your office. SaaS accounting system best works for organizations of large size. However, the installed software will be still on the table.

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