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Get More for Less with a SaaS Integration Platform

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In an earlier blog post, we told you about the benefits of SaaS Integration Platforms (SIP). SIPs are end to end solutions that are created by bundling different SaaS applications together and offering this comprehensive platform as a solution that caters to an organization’s business management needs. Apart from effectively navigating the integration hurdle, SIPs help organizations manage their data more efficiently, eliminate the need for data duplication, increase business synchronization, and achieve cost benefits in the long run. 

The SutiExpense platform is one such SIP built on an open platform architecture that lets users manage their pre-trip authorizations, travel booking, and expense reporting from one interface. Any data that is related to expenses is automatically imported into the expense software, eliminating the need for data duplication and making the whole process streamlined and hassle-free.

Apart from these core modules, users also have to option to integrate several other applications with this platform. These add-ons complement the travel & expense management solution and increase the functionality of the platform beyond just that of its core applications.

Some add-on modules that integrate with a T&E solution are wireless expense management, procurement management, asset management, HR management, and customer relationship management software. Also, users have the option to add other business management applications like e signature, data analytics engine, and document management solution which are common services that add value to any solution.

SutiExpense also seamlessly integrates with any existing applications, be they on-premise or on the cloud. Being an open platform, SutiExpense also allows third parties to develop features that help increase the flexibility and functionality of the solution.

Some of the key features of the SuitExpense platform are:

  • Integrated travel and expense management

  • Travel booking engine

  • Flexible workflow

  • Approval functionality

  • Credit card integration

  • Set policies and limits

  • Customizable user interface

  • Centralized reports to track and analyze budgets across the entire organization

  • Multi format support

  • Option for additional security by fingerprint and dynamic signature authentication

  • Mobile device support

  • 100% compliance with all policies and regulations

  • Multi currency conversion

 Get the SutiExpense platform and change the way you manage your business, TODAY!