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Implementing Best Practices Using Technology: Go Digital, Go Green

Best practices in businesses are techniques or a set of rules that represent the most efficient way an action can be performed and those that can act as a benchmark and yield the best result. Regardless of its size, every business aspires to implement best practices in its processes. Technology plays a big role in laying out and implementing best practices. One of the first steps to take while implementing best practices is to analyze and understand the organization’s long-term vision, its needs, and short-term objectives, and then lay down the technology plan.

One such best practice, which started as a trend, is the concept of a green office. A workplace with a light ecological footprint is healthy and productive. Whether you are the owner or an employee, a green work place is far more aesthetic and a better place to work. A green office increases the organization’s sustainability, reduces adverse effects on the environment, and increases the image of the organization.

Therefore, the important question is, how do you make your work place green without affecting your current business practices, and what role does technology play?

This can be illustrated using the case of online document management software (DMS). A DMS manages the lifecycle of documents and allows users to store, manage, and share them securely. Organizations gather information in different ways, from paper documents to online forms, from bar codes to copiers and MFPs with basic scanning capabilities, along with emails and faxes. Document management software will capture the corporate information, store it in a safe, accessible platform and secure it for future use. However, it is important to have a holistic enterprise approach while planning, and well-integrated indexing plans, search strategies, and document management plans will take your business on the right path.

Using traditional methods like documenting information on paper increases costs, starting with paper, ink, storage space, shredders, printers, and the maintenance of all this equipment. DMS exchanges all these for some lines of code and saves space, time, and money, apart from decreasing the organization’s carbon footprint, making the workplace greener.

As we can see from the above, technology helps organizations implement best practices. So what are you waiting for? Use technology to your advantage and take the pledge to turn green, now!

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