Electronic Signature: Have You Switched Over Yet?

Electronic signature or e-signature solution is a business productivity application that automates the document approval process. It is a simple, easy to use solution that is gaining more and more acceptance today and can be optimized to suit the needs of organizations of any size. Online E-signature software brings many benefits for its users. Here are a few:

Close deals faster: Often, it takes days or even weeks for a document to be signed and sent back, and in case of any mistakes or missing signatures, the whole process has to be repeated, which in turn increases the delays in closing a deal. Electronic signature is the obvious alternative as it expedites the deal closing process by enabling organizations to get documents signed electronically in seconds!

Cost Benefits & Going Green: No paper! No ink! No storage space required! You can manage the entire document approval and authentication process online with electronic signature software. This means that you can save costs on paper, ink, and storage space. One more advantage of this is that organizations can reduce their carbon footprint and make their workplace greener.

Legality: Electronic signatures are completely legal in both the United States and the EU after the ESIGN Act and the Electronic Signature Directive were passed. Apart from these countries, E-singature also enjoys legal or quasi-legal status in many other countries, with Australia, Canada, India, Japan, and South Korea to name a few.

Affordability: E-signature software comes in different pricing plans with each plan having its own associated features and benefits. Organizations just have to pick the solution that best supports their needs. Also, in the long term, e-signatures can prove to be much cheaper than the traditional approval processes.

Integration with other applications: Electronic signature software easily integrates with existing business applications and/or other third party applications including ERP systems, Google Docs, Oracle CRM, etc…

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to e-signature immediately and enjoy these benefits.