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What Can You Gain from a Wireless Expense Management Solution?

The Wireless Expense Management (WEM) space has seen a lot of growth in the recent past with an increasing number of organizations understanding the need for and benefits of keeping track of their wireless device assets and wireless spending, preferably from a centralized location. The increasing presence of mobile devices at workplaces and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies being adopted by organizations only increases the need for a centralized tracking system.

So what does a WEM solution do? How does it help the bottom line? Here’s how:

Plan Analysis and Optimization: This is one of the most important applications of a WEM solution. With a plethora of choices available in the market, it is often difficult for organizations to pick the right voice, data, text, or internet plans. WEM solutions analyze all the plans that are available and suggest the plan that best satisfies the organization’s wireless needs.

Its work is not limited to this either. A good WEM solution treats this as an exercise in continuous improvement and enables customers to constantly optimize their rate plans.

Monitor usage/spending: Users can generate reports periodically to monitor their wireless usage and spending. Using an integrated analytics solution, users can generate real-time reports to gain a greater understanding of their spending and optimize it to obtain the best results. WEM solutions also allow users to build their own spending models and compare it with the actual spending to analyze their behavior.

Policy enforcement: WEM solutions allow organizations to lay down and strictly enforce wireless usage policies, spend limits, and device usage policies.

Asset/Inventory Management: WEM solutions eliminate the need for manual asset management. They integrate with asset management solutions to carefully monitor all their wireless assets, from their location to the kind of plan they are running on.

Integration with other solutions: Apart from analytics and asset management solutions, WEM solutions also integrate with other business management applications like accounting and procurement solutions to manage procurement of wireless assets and to manage bill payments.

Deploy a  wireless expense management solution that can do all this and more to get the best results, TODAY!