No More Missing Payments!

Customized SaaS-based software maximizes IT ROI

Missing payments from clients is never fun but it somehow seems to find a reason to happen, sometimes because of your own doing. Maybe you didn’t have time to follow up with your client or forgot to send the invoice in time. Or maybe you forgot about the invoice for the next installment of the payment and it fell through the cracks or you haven’t yet received an acknowledgement from your client and not even sure if your invoice has reached.

How do you ensure that such happenstances don’t affect your business? How can you track and monitor all your payments? How can you ensure that your payments are received in time?

This simple answer to these questions is Online invoice software. Online invoice software enables organizations to create and send quality invoices online in seconds by accelerating the estimate creation, approval, and conversion processes. It also supports both online and offline payment modes to make the process of receiving payments much easier.

Invoice software allows you to simply create an estimate during the initial discussions, convert it to an invoice when necessary, and send it on a date of your choosing. One of the biggest benefits of this software is the feature of recurring invoice. This feature allows users to create an invoice and set it up so that the same invoice could be sent again and again on a periodic basis. All your recurring invoices for payments from your long term customers are covered, and you will never have to miss a payment reminder!

This software also has the Delivery Verification feature, which will give you notifications about the mail delivery status, its open/close status, and client actions tasks (clicking on the provided estimate/invoice). This means that you will always know about the delivery status, regardless of the client’s acknowledgement.

Know more about best-in-class invoice software and its features! Free version of the software is also available.

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