Why You Should Use Online Customer Support Software

With organizations recognizing that happy customers are their best ambassadors, they started devoting a massive number people and resources to ensure customer satisfaction, and the Customer Support function has become a very important strategic business unit today. Customer support has come a long way away from the days of long queues of phone calls or filled inboxes, though.

Today’s customers expect immediate, exceptional support, and if organizations are to ensure that they get it, only using the traditional methods of emails and phone calls are no good anymore. With the explosion of the worldwide web, customers now have access to newer and better tools to raise tickets and businesses are scrambling to accommodate these. The tickets come from diverse sources, which means that customer support agents now have to constantly monitor multiple sources, and not surprisingly, run the risk of missing something which only earns him and his organization brickbats.

The best way to remedy this to deploy online customer support software, a cloud-based helpdesk solution that lets businesses manage all their customer service requests from one interface and ensure total customer satisfaction and delight. Here are some benefits of web-based customer support software:

One-place-for-all: With this software, you can easily monitor and manage all your communication tools from one place. Apart from phone calls, emails, and live chat, if also lets you integrate Twitter and Facebook into the system so that you will never miss any tweets or Facebook posts from your clients.

Reduced response times and increased response rates: Helpdesk software helps customer service reps provide real-time to near real-time support. Also, by letting the reps effectively manage and optimize their time on each ticket, it enables them to support more customers in the given time, thereby increasing the response rate.

Build your own knowledge base: This software helps you build a list of common questions and share it with your customers. It also gives the reps the option to add notes into their resolved queries and share these tips with other agents.

Analytics for better decision making: Do you have enough customer service reps? How much time is each one spending on one ticket? How many tickets were resolved in a day? What is the performance of each agent?

With advanced analytics integrated with the helpdesk solution, you can generate reports and graphics that give you the answer to all these questions.

So, enough reasons to deploy online customer support software for your business? Click on the link to know more.

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  1. Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for going over some of the benefits of having an online customer support software. It’s good to know that this kind of software can help reps optimize their time on each ticket. I’m kind of interested to learn more about the statistics of how this could improve the productivity of the company, and whether it could benefit smaller companies as well.

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