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Eliminate Expens(iv)e Mistakes By Using Expense Report Software

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Business travel is a necessity for any organization; employees have to travel on different official purposes and they end up creating a large number of expense reports each calendar year. Every business trip has different types of costs involved: meals, rental car, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses. All the receipts supporting the expenses need to be submitted with reimbursement claims as per the policy of any company. When your employees maintain all expenses manually, there are high chances of errors. Automated expense report software allows users to log and claim reimbursements online. It can automate data entry and eliminate the possibility of company policy violations. It is an all-in-one solution for your expense management system.

Capture exact information and minimize errors: The expense report software captures exact data from receipts and populates the line items automatically. It has an intuitive user interface with clearly visible categories. These categories are icon-driven and important items are color coded. Expenses that are out of company policy are highlighted for users to minimize errors.

Other features to eliminates mistakes in expense management system: The approver of the expense report will get an email notification once a report is submitted. The email will contain the brief summary of the expense for his/her convenience.

It has flexible options to meet the approval flow requirements of all companies. The software uses role based approval flow for everyone’s convenience.

An alternate approver can be configured to handle approvals during times of vacation or other absences.

This software allow organizations to customize tax rules to effectively capture and calculate various taxes including HST, VAT, and others.

So start using this software to eliminate mistakes in your expense reports.