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4 Key Benefits of Online Signature Software

How Online eSignatures Boosts New Customer Onboarding
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Getting signatures from clients in order to close deals has always been a hassle since the act of signing has to occur in person, the businesses either had to go to the clients or the clients had to go to the businesses. In today’s digitized age, such offline transactions are neither preferred nor efficient for both parties. So, why sign in person? Instead, use online signature software to get signatures, and enjoy the convenience it offers to you and your clients. Besides getting signatures, the online signature software can help businesses in a number of ways – let’s talk about some of them.

Track Status

The signature software can notify both parties about the status of the document at all times. It also provides a complete history log that includes when the document is sent, when it has been viewed, when and whether it has been signed or declined, and can be tracked using the software.You can pull up the history anytime you wish and check the status of the document.


Reminding people continuously to sign documents can be painful. Sometimes, this wastes time as third parties may not be aware that the document has been sent for signature.So, how about a system that automates all this communication without any effort on your part?

Yes, online signature software solution can do it for you. The electronic signature software sends notifications, reminders, and alerts to your clients in a timely fashion.With the solution, you do not need to spend time keeping your clients informed.


Missed signatures are a common issue. After going through all the effort, when a signature is missed, it is a hassle to go back and get it done again.

With the online signature, these issues will be eliminated. Once the sender specifies the signature points and keeps them all as mandatory, the solution will enable the document to check whether all the signatures have been made before it is sent back. It points out missed signatures, if any so that users can go back and do them again. In addition to this, the software also checks for consistency and error, ensuring that signatures match everywhere.


Online signature software solution makes the process transparent on both sides. Organizations can easily know which and where documents need to be signed, and what the transactions are all about.

With so many benefits in it, the online signature software can add real value to the businesses. It can also be used along with other applications to switch between processes quickly and conveniently.

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