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A Clear View of Business Requirements Drives E-Signature Software Selection

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Online Survey SoftwareSometimes, the best progress towards upgrading business processes using SaaS-based solutions like? electronic signature software is to stop and think. We do not recommend so much analysis that you paralyse your decision-making process, but if you nail down a clear target list of where the new software can be applied, your investment in the application will better support the achievement of your organization?s mission.

Stop, Think, Take Informed Action

Once you have made the decision that an electronic signature solution could have great value in improving business processes, do not immediately rush to start evaluating vendors.

Your first step in the discovery process must be to develop a clear understanding of how electronic signature will impact specific processes and procedures in your organization. Ask your team or teams questions like:

  • Which of your business processes and/or transactions are eligible for electronic signature?
  • What are the system/architecture constraints? In our experience, there are few with a SaaS-based solution, but it is best to review needs and resources with your IT department.
  • How will electronic signature processes be integrated into existing applications, if at all?
  • What are the legal or regulatory constraints?
  • Are there any constraints with counter parties (e.g., online consumer rights, business partner acceptance of your new process)?
  • Once captured, how will your electronically signed documents be retained and/or disposed of?

Only after you truly understand your business requirements, and any constraints that may exist in implementing the new application, can you properly present your needs to each vendor that you consider.

How to Evaluate eSignature Software

This is especially true with a SaaS-based solution like SutiSign, given the high degree of personalization and administrative control that can come with it. Only a clear understanding of your business needs will allow the software to be customized to best meet your needs.

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