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A few Benefits of Best-in-class WEM Self-service Software

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Managing wireless expenses can be costly and time-consuming for any organization. In addition to the services they use, organizations can sometimes be overcharged for extra services and used without their knowledge. A best-in-class wireless expense management solution can help them gain control over their wirelesses inventory, handle invoice processing and chargeback, validate supplier charges, optimize rate plans, and report all details to managers and employees.

Unified system:

Employees can access and perform all expense management tasks from a single self-service portal. The online solution is available for access from any web-enabled device, at any time, and from anywhere. The cloud-based system is reliable and the service is virtually uninterrupted. The service makes sure that there is no delay in resource provisioning.

Reduces costs:

The system allows for the implementation of a number of processes that help reduce costs. Rate plan optimization provides the ability to align the actual usage with the most favorable supplier plans. Mobile usage optimization finds the chances to minimize expenditure across multiple areas from zero usage devices too expensive features. Invoice validation corrects errors made by the carrier in their charges to you.

Enhanced device inventory:

The system establishes a front-end device enrollment program which is mixed with existing inventory data and supplier data enabling employees to build and maintain a clean and clear device inventory.


The portal is so simple to navigate that employees require no prior training or instructions required for its use. The role-based system automatically provides the applications, data, and services that employees are permitted to use. They are simply presented with the list of resources they can provide.

Self-service capability helps employees accomplish many key processes to enhance wireless expense management. From enabling to define the correct strategy for your business, to properly allocating costs, to reporting and visibility, the advantages are many.