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How to Manage, Enable, and Secure Modern Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is changing the way organizations work, enabling employees to be productive in many ways. The rapid growth in mobile devices has become a major challenge for business IT. Especially, the personally-owned mobile devices are becoming a huge security risk. Organizations need a solution that provides more granular management than what is offered by mobile device management (MDM) and device level strategies.

Though the basic MDM features have solved a lot of issues, IT needs have gotten much more complex in the modern time.  Employees mix work, personal applications, data on their devices and device-level strategies are making MDM more complex. Personal apps may leak business data, but if IT responds by blocking them, employees will revolt. They just don’t want business management strategies to affect the way they use their personal applications.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a hot topic in modern trends. Dealing with employee owned devices should not be different with corporate devices. Employees want to combine work and personal usage no matter who paid for the device. Organizations should determine similar mobile management techniques for both BYOD and business-owned devices. They need to define the mobile strategies based on the use case. Mobile app management (MAM) also plays a key role, it helps build business strategies and management features directly into native applications.

Enterprise mobility management solution offers a wide variety of ways that promote device management and secure access to business resources. The sophisticated software not only helps you manage devices and secure apps, but also enables your employees to take advantage of mobility in the workplace.