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Are You Watching Your Hiring Carefully?

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Beyond the organizational policies, business functions, and process workflows, it is really the employees who define the organization. So, the kind of product or service you are building, the kind of business you are looking to build, and the future prospects of your business – all these rest on one thing, the kind of hiring you do.

The employees you hire will make or break your organization. Fresh talent also has an important role in shaping up and improving the organizational culture, as we mentioned in a previous post. So, with so much at stake, the question is, are you watching your hiring carefully?

Accurately assigning metrics and measuring the efficacy of the process can be hard in the case of recruitment. It is one of those processes which are hard to measure accurately.

Every hire is unique, and while the broader process remains the same, the components of the process vary. So in the absence of defining quantitative fixes, qualitative fixes can be used to improve your hiring. Here are a few of the important ones.

Cultural fit:

Sometimes, if interviewers are happy with a candidate’s technical skills, they tend to overlook the candidate’s potential cultural fit. However, cultural fit, particularly at the senior level, is a very important metric to validate the candidate on.

ABT – Always Be Testing:

Many times, responsibilities and achievements in CVs are exaggerated. So, when the CV says that the candidate knows a particular tool or when a candidate mentions that he/she has achieved something, don’t just take it at face value. Always test the candidates on their claims to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Use technology:

Recruitment software can be a great addition to your recruitment process. It helps maintain all the data related to recruiting in one centralized location for easy access and sharing. It helps you establish and improve the process. It also comes with analytics that can help you measure various aspects of your recruitment so that you can find gaps to plug.

Become sellers:

Candidates who are supremely confident about their abilities and who are being courted by other opportunities can be hard to attract. If you value the candidate and if you think he/she will be a great fit for your organization, don’t hesitate to become a seller. Show them the prospects and opportunities of the position to sell it and make them buy it.

These are only some of the fixes you can use to improve your recruitment. Ensure that you are following the right practices and taking measures to improve your hiring.

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