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Best E-recruiting Trends of 2014

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Share the postIt is a matter of fact that print media lost its acceptance as…

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It is a matter of fact that print media lost its acceptance as a preferred recruiting channel and now there is a heavy dependence on social networking sites and job portals. Social hiring has taken a leap in finding right candidate for an organization.

Just like marketers, recruiters are leveraging sources to acquire the best talent easily that save time and resources. This sounds undeniable when I came across this survey. Social recruiting has proven to be a mainstay for recruiters in vertical industries.

Here are the top social hiring trends to choose for talent acquisition.

Linkedin ? A rolodex

LinkedIn is an online rolodex that is still the most popular channel to get right candidates from over millions of professionals across the globe. It tends to be a resume alternative with its complete user profile data. Easy-to use tool to post jobs and get connections quickly.

Facebook ? A tool of recruiter?s choice

Facebook is trending to be a social networking tool of choice that turns friendly communication into professional. It is a platform where recruiter?s job posts reach jobseekers through Advertisements, likes, shares and comments on posts eliminating the need of contacting all individuals, paper resumes and more.

Twitter ? upcoming platform

Twitter, an upcoming trend for e-recruiting has poised to be one of the top preferred hiring tools with millions of job posts. According to many research studies, Twitter might change the recruiters? way from LinkedIn and face book by amplifying HR?s primary process – posting jobs, connecting with people across the globe and get the right skill for their company.

Why Google+ for E-recruiting

Recruitment with Google Plus involved in searching candidates through Google’s social network. “Circle” within Google Plus provides great potential for recruiters, as they share jobs with specific groups of professionals and not clutter-up their social channel with job postings.

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