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Best Tools to Manage Your Remote Workforce

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Managing a remote workforce is a new reality for most businesses. Having a remote workforce and managing a remote team has its own challenges; when managed successfully, it helps your business tremendously. The major challenges with managing a remote workforce are communication, data security, and tracking productivity. Businesses should become familiar with the latest tools to match each of these challenges.

Video Conferencing

The main concern about managing a remote workforce is the lack of proper communication. This can be easily fixed with the right tools. Video conferencing allows managers to immediately communicate with their remote employees, regardless of their location. Businesses should use a video conferencing system that is as secure as it is convenient. You will need to look into the security measures the systems come with in order to protect your private conversations.

Tracking Productivity

Remote employees will not base their value in clocking in and out, but producing value. Businesses must set them up for success with clear expectations around work, in conjunction with results-based goal setting plans. You need to find the latest and creative ways to track workforce engagement and productivity as a component of the business’ bottom line. A sophisticated talent management system can help you find candidates that already have this mindset in place at the time of recruitment.

Data Sharing and Backup

Employees can securely sync, access, and share data both inside and outside the workplace, from any device, with the cloud technology. When you use a secure, world-class data sharing technology, you save your employees the burden of saving data to their hard drive and transferring data via unsecured means such as email or flash drive.

Data security is another major concern with the remote workforce. If they damage or lose their device, they may lose the entire data. One of the best ways to manage a remote workforce is to offer a cloud backup and restore service. You will need to select a cloud backup system with enterprise-level security to protect your company’s assets.

Managing a remote workforce should feel like a benefit, not a burden. An HR management system with sophisticated tools helps you manage your remote employees effectively.

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