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Impact of Technology on HR Management

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Share the postTechnology has changed the world of business in many terms. It has completely…

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Technology has changed the world of business in many terms. It has completely redefined the role of HR all over the world. Today, employees can work from anywhere at any time. The advancements in technology have transferred almost every aspect of HR management – from hire to retire. Here, we present a few technological trends that have a significant impact on human resource management.

Social Media

Social media plays a key role in HR management today, especially when it comes to talent acquisition. Most businesses are using social networking channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to hire top talent. Social media not only helps with recruitment but also helps with workforce engagement.

It is considered a major source for organizations to reach their HR goals. Employers can use social networks to reach target audiences with job postings and other business-related information.

And, candidates can use these social networks to learn about the company. HR teams can nurture relationships by sharing industry knowledge.

Social media is an ideal platform to engage potential top seekers, employees, build relationships, and improve communications in the workspace.

Mobile Apps

Smartphone and tablets are dominating the HR landscape. As employees across various operations are demanding access to applications via mobile devices, organizations are considering implementing an online HR management system.

Providing this kind of functionality indicates that businesses will consider HR systems with mobile functionality and the interface that the workforce is looking for.

Moreover, the trend of creating applications that streamlines the core HR functionality is continuously evolving. Today, mobile apps have become essential for every application that an organization develops.

Big Data

Ensuring compliance is an important aspect of every HR function. However, technology has changed the routine through HR management systems that digitize the information HR teams require.

One such technological trend is Big Data, which helps HR professionals to understand their employees, market to targeted audience groups, and communicate with potential candidates.

It enables organizations to gain a deep insight and allows HR managers to make decisions powered by important information.

Big Data provides HR departments a real-time view of the current workforce and helps them identify emerging trends. Also, data analytics aid recruiters to assess potential employees and allows them to make better risk management decisions.

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