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Social Technology for Better Workforce Engagement

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Share the postWorkforce engagement has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years…

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Workforce engagement has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years as businesses struggle to find, motivate, and retain the best talent in a competitive job market. Likewise, there is a lot of focus on social media and its impact on HR recruitment and management challenges.

The social platform enables employees to connect each other by sharing knowledge on work. Also, HR departments can keep employees informed about all aspects of the business.

Recognition for good work is a key element of workforce engagement. Social technology in HR management systems enables managers and peers to acknowledge the work of others through nominations and public posts that can gather likes and comments.

Recognition helps to give employees a boost of confidence, keeps them engaged with their work, sets an example of desirable behavior, and enhances teamwork.

In the world of advanced technology, employees require and expect the ability to give and receive real-time feedback. In fact, employees feel more connected to their company when they are given the opportunity to comment and ask questions of leadership.

Actively encouraging and soliciting employee feedback through social networks or online portals shows workers that their ideas, knowledge, and personal experiences are crucial and that the company will make policy decisions with everyone’s best interests in mind.

Today, businesses can perform most of its functions online; similarly, employees expect the same level of efficiency and autonomy when it comes to HR processes. They want to be able to use their mobiles and tablets anytime, anywhere, to access HR portal and get things done on the go. Organizations should implement latest systems that eliminate manual processes and increase efficiency rather than adding more work for employees.

Major multinational enterprises whose large and geographically dispersed employees require coordinating projects across various locations and regular interpersonal contact with colleagues and management, that’s often an inherent part of working for these kinds of businesses.

Social platforms and software can help organizations facilitate internal relationship building and communications, interpersonal connections between colleagues, and open a new approach for collaboration, innovation and the interchange of ideas.

Without the right technology, however, it’s impossible and impractical and there’s no better tool than social media for creating a business culture that every enterprise and workforce demand. HR management software with latest social tools can foster open communication and help form and nurture relationships among employees.

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