HR Management Software

Wouldn’t you love to measure and manage your talent pool?

Noticing talent is an art. It’s often that companies miss out on critical talent acquisition due to lack of sufficient access to the job market. SutiHR helps organizations track and hunt down on the right talent with easy-to-use software.

HR management software helps navigate through a plethora of resumes and narrow them down to a select few, those that fit the requirement adequately. SutiHR helps make the hiring process friendly and social. Now, candidates needn’t be overwhelmed when submitting their resumes and firms needn’t spend on costly outsourcing drive.

What it does

  • Provides a broad outlook of the brand
  • Customized job board
  • Easy integration with existing recruitment database
  • Social media access so that resumes can be uploaded from any social or professional website
  • Highlights current job requirements in real-time
  • Access to third party websites
  • Retention of resumes and cover letters for future reference
  • Defines and designates recruitment tasks among employees
  • Instant communication among the recruitment team members
  • Easy clarification and consolidation of potential candidates
  • Sets a benchmark for consistent talent acquisition
  • Easy notification of manpower needs in individual departments
  • Accepts resumes and cover letters in multiple file formats
  • Automatic transfer of resumes to specific job postings
  • Intuitive and customized tracking of the most probable candidates
  • Organizes human capital data for easy reference and management

Benefits to companies

  • Reduces processing bottlenecks
  • Reduces recruitment costs
  • Reduces administrative duties
  • Easy integration with third party job sites
  • Reduces hiring time
  • Increases quality hires

SutiHR employs cost-effective HR management software to ease the recruitment drive, enhance quality hiring and optimize search. A friendly system encourages prompt uploading of resumes and cover letters. Now, firms can seek the best in the business without draining their cash reserves.

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