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How Web-based HR Software Helps Your Business

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Human resource management is one of the most important aspects of a business. It includes sourcing and recruiting candidates, managing performance reviews, administering employee payroll and benefits, organizing internal training and development programs, and facilitating collaboration between employees through social media tools.

HR departments need to deal with a host of data-related issues and suffer sub-optimal process efficiencies with offline or internal software. Cloud-based HR software offers a number of benefits in terms of lower maintenance costs and reduced IT staffing requirements. Here we present a few benefits offered by the cloud technology.


One of the core functions of the HR team is talent acquisition. Like most HR tasks, the recruitment process is data-heavy: processing resumes, scheduling interviews, and issuing job offers. Cloud-based technology is designed for the bulk of computing to occur in the cloud, with unified access from various devices.

With a cloud-based solution, many of the recruiting-related processes will happen online in an efficient manner. The solution enables HR departments to implement single-point application tracking, from receiving resumes to screening, interview scheduling, and issuing job offers.

Business Efficiency:

Cloud-based HR Software automate many of the data-heavy processes. It includes timesheet submissions, time off requests, performance reviews, self-updates of employee data, and more. The HR technology with self-service features reduces errors and instances of incorrect data. It improves employee satisfaction as well as business efficiency.

Data Security:

HR related data is highly sensitive containing a great deal of demographic and financial information. The primary aspect of a web-based system is that it is designed with robust data security features.

While application and data are being hosted remotely, only encrypted data will be sent to the users as required. The security aspects of the system and data will be maintained by the solution provider.

Quick Access:

A cloud-based application provides quick access in a personalized, self-service, connected, and secure environment. The mobile application allows employees to access their HR portal from their smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere.

The solution also leads to increased use and participation – because access to HR data is quick, convenient, and easy.


HR is one function of a business that is extremely concerned with compliance aspects. Every year, new business regulations arise, such as privacy requirements for employee information and overtime-related norms. Most of these regulations require companies to generate comprehensive reports at frequent intervals and also certify that any software used conforms to the latest regulations.

Cloud-based HR software helps with both these aspects. The software updates happen automatically and accurately in a timely manner based on the most current regulations. Also, the applications come with built-in advanced reporting capability, allowing generation of reports for compliance purposes to be an easy task.

Employee Engagement:

For businesses to compete effectively now and in the future, it is essential that they hire the most talented and tech-savvy millennial employees. Millennial candidates must be engaged differently than other employees, also they place great emphasis on a flexible, mobile-friendly work culture.

To fully engage millennial employees, businesses should select an HR system that reflects familiar technology and collaboration tools similar to the ones they see and use in their everyday life. The cloud HR platform enables this by allowing employees to access and share files, data, and applications from anywhere and from multiple devices.

The cloud technology also facilitates the use of social media, promoting an environment where collaborative employee experiences are strengthened and supported on a daily basis.

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