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Currency Exchange Rate: Does it Impact your T & E Management?

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Sometimes your employees have to travel overseas to meet prospects and clients. Here, currency exchange makes your expense reimbursement complex if not managed properly. As there will be fluctuations in the currency rates, it can be really difficult to track expenses while on a business trip. To overcome such obstacles and make the travel expense management process better, we have listed few tips:

Train employees

Managing travel expenses can be difficult for anyone. While your employees set off for another country, it is important for you to make them understand how the currency exchange rate impacts their spending. Understanding the exchange rate, the tax, and the market fluctuations will help employees plan their budget better when overseas.

Corporate credit cards

Corporate credit cards can help you out in this process, when an employee makes a purchase, the credit card company will calculate the exchange rate on the statement. While employees are on the road, they will still have to keep in mind the exchange rate while making purchases and your accounting department will get the costs calculated into the currency in real time so that they don’t have to figure it out on their own.

Automating the process

Implementing expense management software is another way to cut the impact of currency exchange rates. Expense management software will configure the currency exchange rate in real-time to reflect the accurate value of the currency. Moreover, as the solution operates on the cloud, employees can input their expenses from anywhere across the world. Making employees understand the currency exchange rate would help prevent the overspend they incur owing to the fact that they did not understand the exchange rate.

Currency exchange rates can have tremendous impact on travel expense management if not dealt properly. You can avoid it from happening with good training, corporate credit cards, and online expense reporting. So, make sure you implement any of these ideas to handle exchange rate accounting in a better way.