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Debunking the Most Common Myths About AI in Human Resource Software

Artificial Intelligence: How HR Departments Are Using It

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To generate value for the organization, HR managers must carefully comprehend the advantages and limitations of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There is no denying that AI impacts multiple business operations, and as enterprises are marching towards digitalization, there has been a greater focus on the automation of business processes. In today’s technologically advanced world, AI is creating ripples in the field of technology.

From software development to testing, there are several areas where AI is helping organizations to achieve the desired outcomes, and it is a game-changer in the recruitment industry. Although the technologies that are based out of AI improve the recruiter’s performance, it also shuts off job opportunities. Nowadays, AI is seen as a powerful solution to fine-tune HR management processes. Though AI is transforming the recruitment landscape rapidly, one cannot deny the myths associated with it. As human beings, we usually search for a change out of curiosity but take time to adapt to it. Misconceptions arise when you think about getting used to the software.

So, it is imperative to debunk these myths before they act as hindrances to your business growth. With these things in mind, let’s debunk some common myths of AI associated with HR software.

Myth 1- AI will Eliminate the Requirement of a Recruiter

A plethora of HR professionals are of the opinion that companies wouldn’t require recruiters if they deploy AI-enabled Human Resource Software. On the other hand, recruiters are also of the opinion that automation would shorten the HR procedures with a few clicks, thereby eliminating the need for them. However, the reality is a bit different.

To be precise, AI-enabled human resource software supports HR managers in completing business processes. Also, note that AI would simplify the recruiting processes associated with a particular company. AI-enabled human resource software doesn’t have the capability to replace human beings. In short, recruiters will have the final say while screening and hiring a candidate.

Myth 2- AI Chatbots Can Complete the Full Recruitment Process

By now, you may be well-aware of the fact that AI isn’t a substitute for human intelligence. So, in other words, this also implies that AI chatbots don’t have the ability to complete the entire recruitment process. No doubt, AI chatbots are quite useful in screening and recruiting a candidate.

Chatbots can also engage with potential candidates and ask them specific screening questions, thereby decreasing the overall time of recruitment. AI will also help with objective decision-making, such as screening a candidate on the basis of experience and qualifications. However, at the end of the day, companies would need human intelligence to assess the final results and data. Furthermore, chatbots are also ineffective when the context is about asking questions in an interview. In other words, AI isn’t going to replace human intelligence any time soon.

Myth 3- AI-enabled Human Resource Software Augments Business Costs

A large number of organizations and their HR departments are of the view that investing in AI-enabled Human Resource Software augments costs. In other words, deploying AI can overburden the company’s finances. But to be precise, the reality is entirely different. Companies usually face a massive surge in expenses when the recruitment process is not automated. With the deployment of AI-enabled HR software solutions, overall costs would decrease substantially. As AI automates various processes, it saves time and money at the same time. AI-enabled human resource software is an investment that always provides you with high ROI.

Myth 4- AI-enabled Human Resource Software Only Facilitates Recruitment

In case you didn’t know, the domain of recruitment has been one of the ancient areas where AI was successfully deployed. That’s why many HR professionals are of the opinion that AI-enabled HR software can only streamline the process of recruitment. However, this isn’t true as AI positively impacts the performance of the whole HRM department. It also fine-tunes various processes like employee search, performance assessment, onboarding, etc. So, it is entirely a misconception to believe that AI-enabled Human Resource Software can only help with recruitment.

The Bottom Line

From the points mentioned above, it is evident that there are lots of misconceptions about AI-enabled human resource software. The best way out here is to think of AI as our friend. Always remember that AI works hand in hand with the human resources department to fine-tune the organization’s processes.

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