Artificial Intelligence: How HR Departments Are Using It

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As a function, workforce management has undergone major changes over the last few years. Technology has changed the way in which businesses handle HR plans and their employees, in addition to significantly enhancing workforce engagement and productivity. The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived, and more HR departments are adopting it.

AI is a technology that uses machine-learning algorithms designed to imitate human cognitive functions. For HR teams, it can reduce or eliminate repetitive, time-consuming, manual tasks. AI and the data it gathers and interprets can help shift HR from an afterthought to a partner in business growth. It moves decision making from an intuitive, gut-level process to one using predictive analytics based on valuable data. Machines can become the best option for making decisions that affect human capital.

Most organizations are using algorithms to screen, test, and recruit new talent. They’re using machines to scan work samples, review social media posts, and even analyze faces. The technology can assess candidates using thousands of data points from video interviews, word choice, and facial movements.

AI can improve the onboarding experience by employing chatbots to quickly answer questions or direct new hires to the right information. Responsiveness helps build a relationship of trust, and that may just keep a new employee onboard longer. It can also automate the mundane portions of the onboarding experience by collecting employment agreements and work eligibility information from new hires.

The technology can host, verify, and track training and development. AI learning offers a self-driven approach at the employee’s level and on their timetable. Employees can learn on-the-go with mobile access, and managers can monitor their progress. Training can also be customized and adjusted in real-time, based on data collected as employees interact with the solution. Artificial Intelligence helps organizations to maintain compliance with performance evaluations, time off requests, benefits, and more. HR teams can automatically sync personnel changes to their payroll systems without any manual data entry.

Generally, employees switch jobs when they are not happy with their current role. Factors such as non-competitive compensation and lack of development opportunities are just some of the reasons why employees usually change jobs. AI integrated HR solutions have allowed HR professionals to identify employees who might be dissatisfied because of one reason or another, and can make adjustments if required.

There are many ways in which the use of AI can improve business performance, such as reducing the resulting operational costs. Automated tools can sort through massive amounts of data and manipulate such data to make better-informed decisions. Today, many businesses are using AI solutions to enhance cybersecurity, boost efficiency and accuracy, improve operational performance, analyze data in real-time, and to perform business functions with minimal supervision.

Artificial Intelligence is more commonly adopted. It is becoming a major part of business operations, even in the large corporations, and now it is even beginning to reach small businesses. AI simplifies and boosts human work life, opens the door for further enhancements, and reduces costs.

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