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How AI is Transforming HR Recruitment

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Share the postHiring the right candidate is crucial to any business. Organizations are embracing solutions…

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Hiring the right candidate is crucial to any business. Organizations are embracing solutions that use data to improve how they identify, attract, and retain top talent. The use of latest HR management systems offered advancements in workforce management, social applications, mobile technologies, and big data and analytics. Now, there is a new force driving the innovation in HR recruitment – Artificial Intelligence (AI). This new technology can improve the recruiting workflow.

Attracting qualified candidates is a major challenge in recruitment. AI technology searches for data applicants provide online such as resumes, social media profiles, and more to find passive candidates that match the company’s job requirements.

The latest solution with AI streamlines the candidate sourcing process by simultaneously searching through multiple sources of candidates. This eliminates the effort HR recruiters put in to search potential candidates and saves their time. HR professionals can utilize this time on attracting, shortlisting, and interviewing potential candidates.

Applicant screening can be the most frustrating and time-consuming part of HR recruitment. HR teams may not get time to manually screen the hundreds to thousands of applications they receive per each requisition. AI technology automates the entire resume screening process. HR software with the technology uses post-hire data such as performance and turnover to make recruitment recommendations for new applicants.

The solution makes such recommendations by applying the information it learned about existing employees’ experience, skills, and other professional details to automatically screen and grade new applicants. The AI in applicant screening automates a low-value, repetitive task, and enables HR professionals to allocate their time on higher value priorities such as engaging with candidates to assess their fit.

Identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool is another difficult challenge for HR recruiters. AI uses an algorithm to identify the best matches for an open requisition.

Matching algorithms analyze various sources of information such as applicants’ personality traits, skills, and salary preferences to automatically assess them against the job requirements. The solution identifies the most qualified candidates from those who have opted-in and are actively looking for a new role.

AI is transforming the HR recruitment process. As the technology automates and streamlines the core recruiting processes, HR recruiters can become more strategic in their role.

Businesses that implement HR software with AI can enhance their talent acquisition process and free up recruiters’ time to engage with candidates. The solution also empowers them to plan out proactive recruitment initiatives based on future growth and revenue rather than reactive back-filling.

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