New Approaches to Workforce Management with HR Software

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Managing workforce and handling their needs on a regular basis is a tough task in many organizations. But advancements in technology are transforming HR from a transactional people process and administration to strategic workforce management. Let’s see how.

Social media and mobile technology are changing the world of work. Today, most of the employees are using these tools to get their work done. These tools improve collaboration, communication and connect employees the world over.

Social media has the ability to build connections and share information. By using social HR tools organizations can create a more engaging experience in processes like recruiting, performance management, and employee training and development. Mobile access to the business information and tools allows employees to work from wherever they are. These trends enable HR to play a more strategic role in an enterprise and also develop a more agile and engaged workforce.

All technological advancements in HR are focused on one thing- saving time. But, majority of the time is spent on daily administrative tasks. In order to meet strategic long term goals, load (administrative work) should be shared between employees and the HR team. Robust HR solutions offer employee portals with self-service capability. This portal allows employees to review and update personal data, manage benefits and request time off – all on their own. It frees the HR team from several administrative tasks.

Apart from streamlining and automating processes, HR systems are capable of capturing all kinds of data about the workforce. Most of the solutions offer some form of data analytics and reporting. Real-time HR analytics play a key role in predicting behavior of talent, managing it, and developing a customized plan for the company’s workforce.

Online HR software that offers best practices can provide better workforce management optimization.

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