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Five Important Features of Recruiting Software

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Share the postOrganizations big and small use HR solutions to perform end-to-end HR management tasks….

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Organizations big and small use HR solutions to perform end-to-end HR management tasks. Recruitment module of this solution helps attract top talent. Five features that play a key role in the recruitment program are discussed here.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

ATS is one of the best features and it is also a potential time saver. HR team can easily view which candidates are at which stage of the recruitment process at the click of a mouse. Automatic push alerts and real-time process monitoring are its standard capabilities.

Interview scheduling:

Scheduling of appointments and interviews for the top candidates is the critical element after completing the job campaign. The ATS easily syncs with the calendar of the HR team or hiring managers at each stage of the process, and this can avoid duplicate schedules.

Resume analysis:

Organizations often receive resumes from potential applicants even though they didn’t have a vacancy advertised. The system automatically reviews the resumes for key data like the name of the candidate, contact details, and core skills, provides current database of the candidate profiles to invite once they have a vacancy.

Process customization:

Not all organizations follow the same hiring process; the size of the business and its role would define it. The solution gets simply adapted to those unique needs. It will automate the process of business choice and is flexible enough to manage variations for specific roles.

Social media:

Today, social media is playing a major role in HR recruitment process. Organizations can advertise, build talent pipelines, and can also do initial screening. Human resource solution’s recruitment module with a social sharing widget automates this part of the process.

Organizations can effectively manage their recruitment processes by implementing recruiting software with all the above features.

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