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How does the SutiHR Recruitment Module Help You?

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SutiHR is an integrated HR software platform that helps organizations with the efficient management of the entire gamut of HR activities. Recruitment, being an important part of HRM, is a complete module in the platform and can be deployed as a standalone application. Here is what that module can do for you.

Job descriptions & vacancies

With SutiHR, you can create job descriptions and publish them to multiple locations with the click of a button. You can choose from the many templates or develop your own.

Sourcing from multiple locations

Candidate resumes are usually sourced from multiple channels like emails, job portals, and so on. SutiHR can accommodate these channels and makes sourcing simple and effortless. It automates the sifting of resumes and offers easy access to the resume bank.

Interview scheduling

With SutiHR, you can automate interview scheduling. The software takes employee calendars into account and schedules interviews at the most opportune time.

Applicant tracking system

SutiHR comes with a robust applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps organizations keep track of all their applicants. The ATS can be accessed by users with the right credentials.

Automated notifications and reminders

The recruitment process calls for effective communication between the organization and the candidate. Many times, HR professionals miss communicating with candidates, which creates a bad impression and makes the recruitment process inefficient. SutiHR automates all your communication and ensures that the communication is always efficient.

Extensive analytics & reporting

With SutiHR, everyone can be an expert. The software brings analytics and reporting to every stakeholder and allows users to take better decisions.


The recruitment process involves many activities and it is not easy to keep track of everything at once. This is where SutiHR’s extensive dashboards come in handy. They present a complete picture of the status and prompts users with the actions they need to take.

To learn more about the recruitment module or SutiHR, please click here.

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