Recruitment Software Makes your Hiring Process Easy

Do you still use email and spreadsheets to manage your hiring? Well, this works fine…

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Do you still use email and spreadsheets to manage your hiring? Well, this works fine when you want to hire one or two candidates, but what if you should hire a bunch of people? Do you think you can still manage it with paper-based spreadsheets? This is where recruitment software comes into the picture. The software makes your hiring process easy and allows you to make better hiring decisions.

Makes the Recruitment Process More Efficient

It is very tedious to download every CV time you receive a job application. Also, searching through attachments is not as easy as you think. SutiHR software can help you overcome the issues in no time. Whenever there is a requirement, the HR professional will prepare the job postings, which can be added to the careers section of the website and other channels that the organization uses. And, when candidates apply to a job posting, their resumes will be saved in the database.

Often, candidate information can be saved across files and emails. So it will become difficult for HR professionals to get the information they need about a particular candidate. SutiHR can take the hassle out of the process and helps you minimize the time spent in administrative tasks while hiring.

HR can get the complete details of each candidate and can search by date, requisition, experience, status, skills, resume code, etc. In this way, our software can make the search process easy for HR professionals.

We understand that every company follows a different recruitment process and that is how our recruitment module was built. There is no mandatory recruitment flow to be followed, and everything can be customized and done as per your requirement.

SutiHR lets you easily organize and conduct your recruitment process. It also keeps track and notifies you about any important events and tasks.

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