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Dismiss Host of Your Challenges With Enterprise Mobile HR Technology

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Share the postThe midsized and large enterprises are exceedingly deploying modernized Mobile HR Solutions and…

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The midsized and large enterprises are exceedingly deploying modernized Mobile HR Solutions and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) for processing their end-to-end HR and business functions for achieving the competitive edge.

SutiSoft Inc. provides mobility that can offer the technology intellects with the quick rollout of mobile device operation for enabling Mobile HR and BYOD initiatives while reducing the complexity of organization-wide mobility. Ironically, there are many corporate bodies that are entrapped with a less efficient Mobile HR tools so they are confronted with dozens of issues associated with IT infrastructure, cost deficits and security.

Their feeble wireless network environment often suffers from the traffic caused by multiple user devices in the terminal. Such enterprises are exposed to an established risk of leakage of sensitive business information. Moreover, their IT network may not be able to bear the bandwidth demands inside the premise. But, thankfully, today there are numerous networks access products such as the multivendor device environments that can support Mobile HR and BYOD in a seamless manner. Here are the wide scopes of using Mobile HR solutions in the progressive business enterprises of the present times.

Fastest Growing Mobile HR for Fast Growing HR Users

The upswing use of the universal smartphones by the millennial HR candidates is incredibly large as they find it productive in handling employee cross communications, reminders, notification alerts, news, events, time, attendance, labor management, expense reports, compliance policies and more. The perceptive HR dignitaries are increasingly making mobile HR applications part of their business process for unique decision making.

Mobile HR Engages Growing Percentage of Generation-Y Employees

Data immediacy matters the most to the mobile workforce who frequently get access to the appealing applications. The dynamic user groups prefer the ownership of 360 degrees mobility in their competitive and critical corporate situations.

Mobile HR & BYOD Morphs for Money Management

More than 75% of mobile technologies are being purchased by employees and used for official and non-official purposes. It is amazing to learn that many companies are strategically making bulk device purchases inclusive of discounted data plans that come complimentary to incur heavy margins of savings.

Decreased Security Threats with Secured Browsing

There are heightening security risks and long-standing concerns associated with a fragile Mobile HR and BYOD because unlimited data is downloaded by the users with their personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But an implicit HR Solution restricts the employee device based on the role, group membership or unique needs. A robust Mobile HR app ensures that any network data files traveling from one device to another are subjected to pass through a rigorous file-level encryption. The device lockout alternative is for those instruments that are out of compliance with the security policy. Similarly, access to total or partial content can be revoked for the non-compliant user device.

Here are the added benefits of using strategic Mobile HR Solutions:

  • Investment on mobile HR solutions drives good financial returns
  • Improves workforce satisfaction
  • Enhances real-time decision making
  • Drastic increase in the workforce communication
  • Leverage Mobile HR technology
  • Security on the rich collateral & content
  • Custom app store comes with customized & permissible usage
  • Broad support for broad user devices (smartphones, tablets, Mac PCs, Windows devices, BlackBerry systems)


Whatever the unforeseen enterprise Mobile HR challenges are, the HR and IT departments should be able to invariably collaborate with each other to achieve the common objectives. SutiSoft’s Mobile HR gateway is built to offer the IT pros with the tangible solutions to address contingent business requirements. Thus, we must see the Mobile HR Technology as a big opportunity in the highly revolutionized age of Information Technology for bringing full-fledged productivity at every level. The innovative organizations are ready to take the calculated risk to responsibly invest in Mobile HR solutions to gain illustrative benefits.

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