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Don’t Get Blown Away by Paper-based Expense Reporting Process

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Running out of time preparing your expense reports? Well, manual reporting processes can take hours. Employees have to sit all day long digging through receipts and manually inputting expenditures. At the same time, the finance department has to spend time reviewing and reconciling expense reports. Any discrepancy or loss of receipt can take hours back-and-forth between departments. It is difficult to keep up with this flurry of tedious tasks all the time.

Embrace Mobility

With increasing mobility in the workplace, manual expense reporting is becoming a thing of the past. In fact, working away from the office has become common in organizations these days. Around 27% of SMBs support telecommuting and this number is going to increase in the years to come.

Going mobile can open up opportunities for collaboration in and out of the office, making it easier to work the way employees want.With businesses being conducting remotely, the hassle of reporting expenses manually becomes cumbersome. Automation can turn this tedious task into a simple yet effective process. While choosing the expense report software, it is important to choose a system that changes along with you. Consider what you need today and tomorrow so that your expense report software can scale to your future needs. Not to mention, the system you choose should have the option to go mobile. The mobile expense report software creates an easy-to-use solution so that employees can work with it on the go. This can save a lot of time for people in the finance department who have to chase down employees for the required data and also simplify the reviewing and auditing process.

Embracing automation and mobility creates a win-win situation for small businesses. Technology that allows work to happen outside the office lets you stay competitive.