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E-Signatures Streamline Mobile Contract Management Processes

Electronic Signatures for Contract Management
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Businesses don’t take a chance when it comes to closing the deals and increasing revenue. Traditional paper-based contract signing is one of the major factors that is slowing down business processes; so businesses are taking required steps to reduce paper by digitizing paper-intensive procedures. Eliminating paper in business processes offers benefits such as reducing costs, increasing revenue, and enhancing productivity with robust workflows. Mobile-based contract signing can be an add-on benefit to deliver outstanding experiences to your employees and clients.

Today, mobile has become an essential part of a company’s digital strategy. The advantage of engaging with clients anywhere, anytime on a smartphone or tablet makes mobile devices a smart option to complete business transactions. According to a research, 40 percent of sales representatives are currently using tablets, 70 percent of employees in sales companies using tablets are already realizing ROI, and more than 90 percent of the businesses plan to invest more in tablets in the near future.

With the increasing demand of mobile devices, organizations have realized that mobile-compatible solutions are important for their success. An advanced eSignature solution with mobile capability helps sign documents such as proposals, service agreements, and sales contracts on the go.

Enabling your workforce with mobile is a key – the shift to mobile means new challenges for delivering services to employees and your clients. An online eSignature solution enables your remote workforce – whether they’re in the office or on the road, to securely manage e-signature transactions from anywhere, anytime. The solution enables you to simply upload a document that requires a signature, add signature blocks to the document, and send it to your signer.

The mobile capability allows your signer to access the document and sign from their smartphone or tablet. Signers can easily walk through and review contracts during the e-signature process. Automated record-keeping and advanced analytics offered by the solution help track who, what, where, when, and how in compliance with recognized e-signature standards.

The benefits of incorporating an eSignature to your contract processing can make a big impact on the efficiency and profitability of your business. SutiSign provides an optimized mobile signing experience that uses the unique capabilities of mobile devices that responsively scales documents to the signer’s mobile device screen. The solution makes it easy to conduct business on the go – no matter what you are signing, it simplifies the process of obtaining e-signatures where and when you need them.

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