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Ensuring Employees’ Growth – Part Two

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Share the postIn the last post, we saw two ways organizations can participate in their…

employee growth
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In the last post, we saw two ways organizations can participate in their employees’ growth. In this post, we’ll see some more.

Training & Development

This one should be obvious. For an employee to grow, he has to learn new skills which can help him with his current role and responsibilities and prepare him for the future. Of course, care has to be taken that the skill set the employee is being trained on is something that complements his present skills and is something he is interested in learning.

Try them in different roles

Not all employees are busy with work all the time. Sometimes, in lean seasons, when you don’t have tight deadlines or piles of work, it is a good idea to try the employee at some other responsibility, preferable one that’s above his current post. This will encourage and motivate him to model himself for that role in the future.


With some employees, mentoring works very well. Instead of formal appraisals and reviews, informal mentorship sessions could bring out the best in someone. If the employees get the sense that the mentor cares about them and can help them with their growth, they will respond well to advice.

Ingrain commitment and accountability

For all the external things that can be done to drive employee growth, there are some intrinsic qualities that can help them. Employees with a high degree of commitment and a well-rounded sense of accountability will find it easier to grow in their roles than employees than those who do not.

Encourage your employees to have more commitment and accountability towards their work. Additionally, try and create a culture of merit where the hard working person gets the most rewards. This will naturally drive them to work hard and see career growth.

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