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Welcoming your New Hires – Part Two

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Share the postContinuing last week’s post on welcoming new hires, we’ll see some more ways…

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Continuing last week’s post on welcoming new hires, we’ll see some more ways we can welcome our new employees in this post.

Introduction (Cont’d): Last week, we touched on the importance of introducing the new employee to everyone in the team. Apart from that, depending on the availability, you could also seek to introduce the employee to the important stakeholders in the organization. By doing this, you’ll impart a sense of responsibility and belonging into the employee.

Goodies always help: What better way to welcome new employees than offering them some goodies, right? After all, something new always excites and interests us and receiving some goodies does exactly that. T-shirts and coffee mugs are the usual hot favorites; if you want to be different or do something wacky, think up a creative gift, something that represents the culture of your organization. Something like the Noogler hat comes to mind.

A one-on-one session: It is always advisable to schedule a one-on-one session with the new employee as soon as possible, preferably on the first day. Employees hear a lot of things from their colleagues about the work, the company culture, or other employees; it is better to preempt it  keep them prepared for that. Invite the employee to ask as many questions as he/she wants to ask, listen carefully to any complaints or concerns, and take action as soon as possible.

Finish all administrative work: It is not advisable to land employees with work right from the first day. They have administrative work to finish and systems to be set up. Ensure that everything goes on as smoothly as possible and finish everything the first day itself so that the scepter of admin work will not hang on them forever and they can concentrate on their work as soon as possible.

We’ll see more in the next post.

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