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Expense Report Solution Eliminates Business T&E Reporting Difficulties

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Employee travel has become a key part of the business, and it is important for every organization to accurately and efficiently monitor what their employees are spending. Manual expense reporting is time consuming, and lacks visibility and control. An automated system makes it easier for everyone in your business to create, manage, approve, and account expense reports. Expense report solution enables your employees to better organize corporate travel plans and booking, create spend reports, submit digital receipts, and complete reimbursement requests.

Travel booking integration, credit card feeds, and robust mapping technology of this solution help employees easily add spend items to their expense reports.  The online solution can be accessed from a wide variety of devices. Whether your employees are using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they can deal with inputting spend data as well as accessing data from wide range of interrelated devices and platforms.

Expense software helps you establish business expense policies. The system makes it easy for your employees to spend within the policy and submit completed spend reports. It automatically alerts the concerned manager when an employee spends out of policy. Transparent expense policy and automatic alerts help you minimize fraud in expense reporting. Advanced systems also offer multi-currency support, by leveraging both current and historical conversion rates.

Real-time analytics provide high visibility into the expense reporting process. With great insights you can better plan and forecast future budgets. Expense data can be easily exported to other required applications like budgeting and tax preparation software.

Online expense reporting offers a new level of control over corporate spending, enhancing every aspect from report creation, submission, approvals and refunds. Cloud-based software with mobile functionality makes expense reporting much easier; employees can complete their reports even when they are on the road.