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Five Tips That Help You Generate More Leads

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Perhaps no two numbers tell the tale of a sales team better than these: number of leads generated and number of leads converted. Salespeople devote a substantial portion of their time and energy to increase the number of leads as this is the pipeline that they have to work with, and the healthier this pipeline, the healthier the conversion rate. While conversion of a lead into a paying customer is an art in itself, here, we focus on the first step, lead generation.

Adopt an Inbound Marketing Strategy. In today’s digital age, consumers are subjected to hundreds of advertisements and marketing messages in a single day which they become immune to after some time. Cold calls, telemarketing, e-mail marketing campaigns; none of these seem to get through to the consumer and there is a very good chance that your message might get lost in this melee somewhere.

So what do you do? Make them come to you, of course. Prepare and use high-quality, intelligent, and focused content to attract your consumers and make them come to your website rather than go chasing after them. Using a combination of white papers, case studies, blogs, etc…, showcase your products as the best possible solutions to the problems at hand.

Offer something for free. Not all customers want your best product plan with the highest number of features. Not everyone would want to start on a high-priced plan straight away either. Many organizations need only some features and would like to start paying only when they need more or would like to try the product for a while before paying. Establish goodwill by giving them your basic product for free or offering them a free trial. This gives customers the chance to try your product before making a decision and establishes loyalty.

Make the UI easy and intuitive. Sometimes, when I visit a website, I get lost in the jumble of information and the number of calls to action. After a while, I get frustrated and simply close the window and look for some other simple solution.

Do not let this happen! Using eye-catching visuals and simple content, make your landing page as attractive and intuitive as possible. A simple explanation, an enquiry form, and a few visuals are all you need on the landing page. Clutter drives away the potential customer.

Establish social media presence. Regardless of your actual presence on any social media platform, chances are that you are being talked about in the social media sphere. Don’t you want the chance to set the story right and control the narrative instead of leaving it to others to talk about you?

Be proactive, establish a social media presence, and start communicating. You can increase the number of people you reach and also start driving more traffic towards your site.

Referrals. There is no better salesperson or ambassador for your products than a satisfied customer. Ask your customers to spread the word. You might even consider offering referral bonuses to your best ambassadors.

Urge your existing customers to promote you on social media, whether through a Facebook share or a re-tweet on Twitter, or a post on LinkedIn.

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