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Getting Hiring Right is Highly Important

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Develop Talent Pools For Future Hiring Needs

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More than the products or services it offers, more than the culture or policies it follows, and more than the location and industry it works in, an organization is its people. It is the people who decide everything else, and utmost care should be taken in deciding who this people are. Hiring is perhaps the most important HR activity. Yes, there is performance management, employee engagement, training and development, and so on, but it is hiring that decides the future course of the organization, and it is hiring that should be given a lot of focus.

If you hire the right people, you need not even tell them what to do or monitor them all the time; they will tell you what to do and show you how to do it, and will do so with interest and dedication that will eventually add up to the well-being of the entire organization. Here are some tips on getting hiring right:

Passion and performance; not grades

Many times, organizations fall into the trap of thinking that grades matter the most. Yes, they do matter, but not as much as the passion candidates display for the job and their performance at it if they have the experience.

Attitude and culture

The candidate’s attitude tells you much more about him or her than most other things. You will understand whether the candidate will follow your culture and policies, be proactive at the workplace, and so on by understanding the attitude.

Use technology and analytics

Making effective use of recruitment analytics can help you find the right person for the job. Today, HR software solutions are quite advanced and can help you at every step along the way. The solution can also act as a competitive advantage for you and aid you in doing more will less effort.

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